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You can get through it!

Domestic abuse is when someone harms another person on purpose, often they are a control freak. The harsh reality is it’s here and many of us go through it.

Emotional abuse is like mental violence, it’s just as traumatic as physical. Getting hurt or watching someone get hurt is horrible as well, I felt terrified at times.

It can happen to anyone no matter if they’re rich or poor, their race, sex, sexuality, religion. I think it’s a universal problem for the world.

Everyone’s experience is different, no two situations are the same.

… I could see that my mum was like really upset but I didn’t know what to do … I was scared to go home … It’s not like you choose …

We as young people have the right to be listened to, the right to be ourselves, without any stigmatisation, not to be judged and most of all we have the right not to suffer in silence.

Don’t give up hope. There’s always someone out there that can help you, there’s always someone out there who wants to help you. Give them a chance … And if you know someone who’s going through domestic abuse help them.

To escape domestic abuse is brilliant. Just to know that you are no longer going to experience it anymore and to know that there are people out there who actually care about you. You think the whole world is against you and there’s no way out, but there is great support out there, give it a try, what do you have to lose?

For a long while I felt there was so much pain and no glimpse of hope or light at the end of the tunnel but now I know that there is.

I started to become myself again …The support made a huge difference to the way I think about things… It gave me a lot more freedom and helped me relax a bit more about it.

You just need to believe in yourself and believe that it’s not your fault.

It’s going to take a bit of time but you have people that will support you so just take the plunge and get out!

Try and talk to someone you trust, like a teacher or find a local support worker. If you need support, here is a list of websites where you can find help.