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caterpillar emerging from eggWe asked the adults in power, Ministers & CoSLA, to:

  • To train teachers better because they aren’t listening to children
  • To improve the quality of refuge buildings, so that no family has to share a bathroom or kitchen
  • caterpillar in sunshineTo fund more support workers because we were lucky enough to have support – it changed our lives
  • To improve the justice system as like some of us, children and young people are being lost with no support and no justice
  • caterpillar with apple coreTo spread the CEDAR groupwork project all over Scotland because it saves lives
  • To make sure that agencies talk to each other because children aren’t being listened to enough
  • cocoonTo listen to the results of our survey of children’s and young people’s opinions of domestic abuse in Scotland
  • To encourage participation to help all young people have a say, like us
  • butterfly hatching from cocoonTo support a campaign to reach out to vulnerable children and young people who don’t know where to get help regarding domestic abuse