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End of the Road

 A sad day is upon us: Voice Against Violence as we know it has come to an end. We have had a fantastic two (and a bit) years and would like to thank everyone who has made that possible. We have had some amazing successes during our time together and there are so many people that we couldn’t have done it without, so THANK YOU!!


We hope that our legacy will carry on in our debut film “One Voice at a Time”, and that you continue to use our survey and other resources in your work. There are behind the scenes meetings going on about potential future participation for children and domestic abuse but it’s all very vague just now, all I can say is watch this space!!! Over and out for now!

VAV Interview With BBC

A member of Voice Against Violence yesterday had an interview with the BBC, where we discussed how overwhelmed we were that we won the Philip Lawrence Award and how we made a film to be circulated to all schools in Scotland. Click here to check the video out! 🙂

Hurrah for our Political Allies!

Voice Against Violence want to thank our political allies for their amazing help and support throughout our journey. Last night, at the Philip Laurence Awards hosted by MSP Sandra White, we were thrilled to see Cabinet Secretary Alex Neil, Minister Dr Alastair Allan and Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People Tam Ballie.

The support provided by our political allies is invaluable and hugely instrumental in the success of our equal relationship. This allows us to target the people at the top in power and make the greatest impact!

Thank you for supporting VAV and we hope this support extends into the future and beyond!

Voice Against Violence Win Philip Lawrence Award

Voice Against Violence have won a Philip Lawrence Award and we celebrated at the Scottish Parliament on 20th March 2012, the first time that the Philip Lawrence Awards have been to the Scottish Parliament to present an award. We all had a fantastic night and are all so humbled to have won the award it really is fantastic. We will be going to London in the summer for the big awards ceremony with all of the other winners 🙂

Allies Together! Violence Reduction Unit Conference 2012

This is the second year of VAV involvement in the Violence Reduction Unit Conference and all we can say it was bigger,better and a huge step closer to amassing a driven force to tackle the dark stain of domestic abuse. Jack and I were honored to be invited to deliver a keynote speech where we presented the VAV Legacy Film, One Voice At A Time.

Many of our allies were there plus a few organisations VAV haven’t heard of rising up and joining the fight 🙂

VAV Consults Children and Young People

In February, VAV met with a fabulous group of children and young people who we wanted to talk to so that we could learn what they thought about participating in the Big Bang Event. It’s really important that we evaluate what the young people thought about asking questions to the people in power as it is vital that they felt confident and empowered by the experience.

We held an exciting workshop to explore our journey with the other young experts to review the different preparation sessions we had all participated in. It was really fun and the views we gathered were invaluable!

Here is a photo of Jack busy preparing the sessions. There are some incredible ‘cut-outs’ of some of the young people we worked with in the background 🙂

The CEDAR Wildfire Spreads!

We are all happy to know and very excited to tell others that our close friends and allies the Cedar project has been given funding by the Big Lottery for 14 projects around Scotland plus 2 National Co-ordinators for Scottish Women’s Aid to help the roll-out. It’s part of over £6 million ‘Becoming a Survivor’ Lottery money for three years wahey!

So all we can say is keep making the recovering of mothers and children brighter and better.

Find out more about this amazing project here: Cedar Network

One voice at a time… get your copy now!

In November last year VAV launched our debut film “One Voice at a Time”. The response we got was great and it’s now been nominated for a Bafta! Haha! Its purpose is to help young people who are going through domestic abuse, to train adults on how to deal with domestic abuse better and to help other young people get involved in VAV-type work. We put a lot into creating this and all we have to do now is get it out there.

If you want a copy, we want to give you one! It’s 100% free! Please get in touch: info@voiceagainstviolence.org.uk. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you want to use the DVD for or how many you want. Help us get our DVD out there 😀

VAV Meets with Deputy First Minister

One of the most vital yet successful coversations that VAV has had in the last year was during our meeting with Deputy Minister Nicola Sturgeon on October 5th 2011. Here, we shared an important dialogue with the Deputy Minister on the results of our ground-breaking survey, outlining what the young people of Scotland believe needs to change to improve the lives of those suffering from domestic abuse.

In particular, we discussed the areas of help and support, justice, schools and future participation with young people, including further VAV work. Ms. Sturgeon took our recommendations on board for the Spending Review and collectively we felt we made a real impact. After the meeting, we were told that Ms. Sturgeon felt that VAV-chair Chloe was the best chair she had ever met!

Big Bang Event

The day was a huge success! Voice Against Violence welcomed around 200 people to the Vue cinema in Edinburgh on the 29th November 2011 for the VAV movie premiere and our version of Question Time. The audience was  a mix of ages and children and young people got to grill the people in power for answers on what was important to them.

The premiere of ‘One Voice at a Time’ was a massive success. Everyone seemed to enjoy the film and took different messages away from it. It was given a round of applause and a few cheers by our enthusiastic audience. We couldn’t have been prouder.

The VAV survey was also promoted and it’s findings were broken down and shared with the crowd.

Our panel was made up of Nicola Sturgeon MSP (the Deputy First Minister of Scotland) Cllr Harry McGuigan (CoSLA Spokesperson on Community Well-being and Safety) and Tam Baillie (Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People). Children and young people in the crowd as well as adults got the chance to put questions to our panel and hear their answers there and then! The biggest announcement came from Ms. Sturgeon who publicly announced the continuation of a fund for specialist domestic abuse children’s workers for a further 3 years!

But of course no movie premiere would be a success with out hotdogs, fizzy drinks, ice cream and popcorn. Everyone got a chance to mingle under the balloon arch and take home a copy of the DVD and Survey.

It was a great day and enjoyed by all who came. We just can’t believe we were also celebrating our 2 year anniversary as Voice Against Violence.

Time certainly flies when you are having fun and here is a photo of us dressed to impress!